20 May 2009

Chain Of Strength - What Holds Us Apart 7"

Yes this was reissued & remixed by Revelation on the Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True LP and I for one fucking hated it. Maybe I was used to my worn out cassette dub of the 7" vinyl or a purist or something else but either way you can download the original vinyl mix here and hear for yourselves.

There were multiple pressings of this 7" so the one you're gonna get here is the First Strike UK pressing on blue vinyl limited to 1500.
I liked this better than the True Till Death 7" and t this day remains one of my favourite hardcore e.p's 15 years down the line...

Front cover First Strike Records UK Pressing Blue Vinyl

Back cover.Hand numbered of course . ..
Lyrics were printed on the inside cover
A & B Labels
This was a somewhat blue and faint white marble mostly blue though ...

First Strike mailorder flyer in the 7"
They even took credit cards back then ..
This video contains a ridiculous amount of information regarding the different pressings of this 7"

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