02 May 2009

The Blog

So there's been over 1000 visitors/readers/downloaders now from all over the globe from such far flung corners as Norway, England, Canada, Chile, Brazil, America and even Australia.That's way more than we could have ever done with the paper zine no matter how many trading lists or classifieds it was posted on and even more people have heard the music that was made back then than could have ever been reached with tape trading ect.
That brings up the torrent post.I though it was a valid post and sure I download my share of movies (this axxo guy is fuckin great) and hell I've even got letters from my isp about downloading Apple iLife '09(which sucks by the way) but the technology can be used for sharing much in the same way as tape trading did.Besides most of it's out of print anyway.
Keep reading,keep downloading,keep listening,thanks for reading,add/trade links and I'll see what other fun artifacts I can dig up from this time we'll remember.
Craig Edge

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