26 May 2009

NYHC reunions

"Does anyone give a shit about this band at this point?" -Drew Stone | Antidote – Vocals | N.Y.C. May 2009
If you ask me that's quite and understatement but entirely understandable.
Stories,videos and perspectives can be read/viewed here : Tribute to A7 Club 12/2008 NYC
Antidote,Urban Waste,The Abused and more.Read on,watch & wish you were there.Then AND now

25 May 2009

Picasa Albums

Don't wanna read & just look at pictures?Go here then:
Nothing that isn't elsewhere in the blog just all the pictures gathered together for your viewing, downloading, commenting & laughing pleasure.

20 May 2009


Edge Of Quarrel on last.fm
I just answered a friend request on last.fm from an old friend I hadn't heard from in about 10 years and what do I see on the homepage under free downloads?
None other than one of my old bands.Probably the worst track they could have added but hey what the fuck I got a kick outta seein it.
YOU can have your top 40 sHit song I'll take this ...

Chain Of Strength - What Holds Us Apart 7"

Yes this was reissued & remixed by Revelation on the Chain Of Strength - The One Thing That Still Holds True LP and I for one fucking hated it. Maybe I was used to my worn out cassette dub of the 7" vinyl or a purist or something else but either way you can download the original vinyl mix here and hear for yourselves.

There were multiple pressings of this 7" so the one you're gonna get here is the First Strike UK pressing on blue vinyl limited to 1500.
I liked this better than the True Till Death 7" and t this day remains one of my favourite hardcore e.p's 15 years down the line...

Front cover First Strike Records UK Pressing Blue Vinyl

Back cover.Hand numbered of course . ..
Lyrics were printed on the inside cover
A & B Labels
This was a somewhat blue and faint white marble mostly blue though ...

First Strike mailorder flyer in the 7"
They even took credit cards back then ..
This video contains a ridiculous amount of information regarding the different pressings of this 7"

19 May 2009

B9 forum readers

So this gaylord from Death Before Dishonour (most original band name award) has saw fit to ban moi from the B9 Board cause I insulted her choice of faggotry guitars or something.Way to go kid.
Nothin's changed huh ..

Is anybody there or am I just alone in a fucking crowd!?!!

I'm 35 years old and this ep still sends a shiver down the spine...
Download the Alone In A Crowd ep here
Download a 3 page interview from Hardware Fanzine #5 Summer 1994 here

13 May 2009

The Top 5

04 May 2009

Edge Of Quarrel

was in no way related to that horrible movie or the Undertow cd bootlegged by Lost & Found records.

02 May 2009

Alert demo

I know nothing about them apart from they're a new youth crew band and this demos pretty cool.

The Blog

So there's been over 1000 visitors/readers/downloaders now from all over the globe from such far flung corners as Norway, England, Canada, Chile, Brazil, America and even Australia.That's way more than we could have ever done with the paper zine no matter how many trading lists or classifieds it was posted on and even more people have heard the music that was made back then than could have ever been reached with tape trading ect.
That brings up the torrent post.I though it was a valid post and sure I download my share of movies (this axxo guy is fuckin great) and hell I've even got letters from my isp about downloading Apple iLife '09(which sucks by the way) but the technology can be used for sharing much in the same way as tape trading did.Besides most of it's out of print anyway.
Keep reading,keep downloading,keep listening,thanks for reading,add/trade links and I'll see what other fun artifacts I can dig up from this time we'll remember.
Craig Edge