23 April 2009

No Reason

Download the No Reason - Someday 7" here
Local Newcastle band that I seen literally 100s of times.Mostly at the Hunter On Hunter Hotel.Which was pretty much the only place in town that had bands.Shows would start late here.Usually the first band didn't go on till around 10 or 11pm which meant a lot of late nights sitting on that bus bench out the front which is where the NCWolfpack started.In a bar to see bands but wanting to avoid the absolute fucking tools that inhabited the bars.This wasn't (contrary to popular belief) a case of hating people who drank because we didn't,it was that during the early/mid 90s Newcastle per capita would have to have the absolutely highest rating in the whole country of absolute complete fucking tools.From the shazzas sipping wine coolers to the mullets slamming VB and Beam between the 2 of them they sucked dicks from here to eternity.Besides  ... there was always plenty of jabbers doing laps in their shitbox Toranas to laugh at.
The Hunter on Hunter was on a corner.This meant an intersection and traffic lights.Our bus bench was about 10ft before the light.The scenario of a jabber yelling shit at you out their window then screeching to halt for the light then "dropping a set" as it turned green only to be pulled over instantly by the cops who were always sitting in the side street happened often and was always comedic.
That was Newcastle.Nothin's changed either.30 Seconds after getting out of the car at the recent Gorilla Biscuits show and dicks were yellin out of windows.They've swapped Toronas for Skylines now though....
We didn't have much but we had bands and No Reason was one of our favourites.We knew the guys,they were into hardcore like us and on occasion they would play a bit faster than the Jawbreakerish melodic stuff that made up the majority of their set.
Aside from this 7" they also released 2 CDs ,1 on their own Life After Latex label "way splattered youth" and "above all" on Spent music.Legend has it there was also a split CD in the 'Spent Singles Club' but I don't know anyone who ever got one.

Theren went on to form Creeping Jesus who played around the early 2000s and had a self released CD
No idea what Spike is doing
Luke was also in some other local pop punk type bands.Before pop punk was a bad word.

So this is the "Someday" 7" DIY self released marble vinyl hand numbered limited to 500.

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