12 April 2009

Minute Minder

The Minute Minder 7"
SFR #00/NDR #05- MI
test pressing; 3 only, 1 w/film cover, 1 w/metal cover, 1 w/white paper sleeve.
first press:50 clear vinyl, 250 black vinyl with black embossed sleeve
second press:35 clear, 35 black with a 'duo-tone' sleeve, coloured-in "b" side shortfuse logo. 
7 track EP recorded in 1994, originally intended for release on No Deal records but due to the bands break-up and the label's demise, it lay unreleased until I picked up the release to mark the end of one label (No Deal), and the birth of the new breed (Shortfuse). First andsecond press come from the same batch, but we clearly identified the second press(leftovers...) by colouring the Shortfuse logo on the 'B' side label art.

A demo,1 7",and 1 compilation track just wasn't really enough from this band.
15 years later and it's still one of the best Australian hardcore records ever.
From a time we'll remember back in the day before all your sep
erate scenes became one big giant clusterfuck.

Thanks Clint for the crucial pressing information

Embossed Front Cover
Embossed back cover

A and B side Labels


Shortfuse flyer (don't order it's long sold out)

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Clint said...

Thanks Craig. I have somephotographs somewhere I believe, and still have a nice mint shirt.