15 April 2009

Chain Of Strength

True Till Death 7" vinyl version.Not the abortion that was on "The One Thing That Still Holds True".
I really hate re-issues that fuck around with remixing and shit.
Anywho I found this ripped from the vinyl and decided that it's still one of my favourite records and deserves documenting in full.Besides when I looked for a cover picture I couldn't find anything suitable so I scanned my own.
It's also been a year since my dad passed away and when I left the hospital got in the car and fired it up the stereo was playing the last few bars of 'let down' and going into 'best of times' and straight away I was transported back in time 10 years to when we first started to make amends and I'm glad we did what we did when we did. 

Download a rip of the vinyl here : True Till Death 7" 

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Carlos said...

i enjoy your blog, some cool stuff on here. Just wondering if I could get a copy of this Chain rip, the sendspace link is not working.