22 April 2009

Arms Reach - thanks! 7" ep

Download Arms Reach - thanks! 7"
You could practically fill a book with stories about this band.
But stories are not exactly the purpose here.
The backstory goes that the pressing plant fucked up the pressing of the Arms Reach 7" so Clint Shortfuse made up these strictly limited "cool crew" editions to give away to friends.
It was a copy of the Heresy 7" in case you're wondering.
But anyway,download it,look at the pictures and think of a time when bands had something to say and didn't care so much about their makeup and girls jeans.
Front cover
Back cover
A side label
B side label
Insert side 1
Insert side 2
matching numbers
Sticker with the 7"
Flyer.... don't order long sold out (the record that is)
Arms Reach @ The Black Box in Newcastle
Doug Till Death on bass , Smiggo on 2nd vocals

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