02 April 2009

28 Days yeah rip it up ...

When I walked into Missing Link one afternoon and asked someone if there was any shows happening tonight I was informed that Jay from Self Reliance had a new band going and they were playing their first show that night at the Arthouse.Self Reliance weren't too bad.For Melbourne at least ....So from there to a few years(months?) later and they were ripping up the Iron Duke with maybe Millencolin(?) or some other assorted poppy punky kiddie nonsense.It was sold out.Totally.I had never ever seen the Iron Duke that full.Not even for the first Hardcore 2000 show that we (The Blurters) played at.There was a table in the beer garden where , low and behold, 28 Days were SIGNING stuff for the fans.I presented a 7" they were flogging (blue vinyl,split with Better Than a 1000) and asked the guitarist to sign it and he was hesitant since I wasn't exactly their target demographic.ie:I knew how shit they were.I asked Jay to sign it to the zine.I'm pretty much 100% positive we never showed any kind of fucking support for this shit which made it even funnier.
I ended up getting all of them to sign it , even Bomber, who was the on
ly cool one in the lot and thought it absolutely fucking amusing.
So did I....

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