06 December 2008

Please remove ....

Whoever wrote and requested the NC Wolfpack deemo download be removed you can just FUCK RIGHT OFF!
Either you are dumb or just completely fucking stupid.

"you do not have the right to offer this copyrighted work for download"

Fuck you idiot...


05 December 2008

Rain On The Parade

"if slogans are required call us rain on the parade,remember us as the ones who boycott the charade" - Half Off

Out of all the late 90's youth crew explosion bands Rain On The Parade always seemed just that little to the left of it all while still being at ground zero and upping the kill count.Always wity and with plenty of right on the money observations such as "guest list" from the Full Speed Ahead 7" .Totally against any form of metal "3 chords" from the Body Bag 7".The guitarist played a Mosrite.Never seen such a cool guitar in any hardcore band ever (besides Al SSD's SG) and like Johnny Ramone said they do have a very unique sound.(Mosrites that is ... I don't think he ever heard ROTP).Not adverse to the 20 second thrashathon track, giving the middle finger to the scene kids.Personal reflection ... eating crow (how identifyable).2 Great 7"s though.Track em down if you can.

Possibly one of the greatest lines in any hardcore song ever:


Ronny Little also put pen to paper in the form of Penalty Box fanzine.A neat little A5 sized number with plenty of ATTITUDE.

Download #1 in pdf form here ...

03 December 2008

Urban Mayhem pt 2

Just for completist and archival purposes one of the reason's it sounds so shit is this was the source tape:

If we had digital cameras and minidisc recorders back then I'd say there'd be a hell of a lot more documentation around on those days.

02 December 2008

Urban Mayhem

The first time I met Scotty was outside the Feedback on King st Newtown arguing about who was better Slapshot or Negative FX.I always said Slapshot.And I will still say Slapshot to this very day.This was all around summer '98 they played a few shows , shared a room together at Club 111 , travelled to Newcastle and Melbourne with us a lot.
On one particular trip to Newcastle when they were playing at the Black Box I slipped a tape to the soundman and said hey hit record on these guys.And that recording ended up as this 7". Jay put it out ... not cause it was the most fantastic music or recording ever but cause they're mates.And that was .... and wish it still is ... the reason great records and bands are made.FUN. Not fucking myspace or eye makeup or your sisters jeans or record deals  

Urban Mayhem 7" Snapshot records

Clear 'vinyl' (really shitty polycarbonite) 50 only (maybe 25...)

House party @ Club 111 (Elbow Deep,AVO,Urban Mayhem)

Circle pit at Club 111

Cozzy Mayhem on the drums

Insert from the Urban Mayhem 7"

The 7" was recorded live from the mixing desk at the Black Box in Newcastle.

Download the source tape here

It's noisy but hey what are ya gonna do?