28 November 2008

we're an American band ....

When news filtered down here that Agnostic Front had gotten back together and playing nothing but Victim In Pain / United Blood era stuff never in our wildest imaginations could we fathom seeing them 4,5 times in 4 days.But they did come and we did see them.They played Sydney at the Annandale on the Friday & Saturday night then played twice on Sunday in Newcastle.An 'All Ages' show in the afternoon then and over 18's at night time.This was at a place called "The Pit" which was actually the concrete loading dock of the rehearsal studios upstairs.There's a good video of this show floating around I'll try and get to flash and upload some of it.There was also a Canberra show on the Tuesday when some nazi type guys were seig heiling then swiftly forcibly made to leave the venue.Video exists of this show too.

I'm sure they went to Melbourne too where everyone could stand around and watch them playwhile  nodding their heads.FUN.

Here's a scan of the set list from the night time Newcastle show for posterity.

While I shall be trying to catch one of the shows on the upcoming Gorilla Biscuits tour it doesn't hold the same excitement as the AF tour.Besides .... I seen Civ years ago , wasn't the best , but they did New Direction at the end.Did a lengthy Civ and Sammy interview after that that I wish I still had ... oh well.

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