17 November 2008

all mod cons ...

Paper zines are dead? Well this one certainly has been since 1999.So given that I've decided somewhat to kick it off again in the modern age.
Back when I was doing it there was always the case of get a really good (or bad) idea for something like an article or an interview or a column or get sent a cool photo whatever it was the spark was there then it was time for some scissors and glue action.Page done looks great but you always had to put it aside until you had another 10 or 20 pages done ... enough for a decent sized zine.Always seemed like kids wanted big thick 300 page zines even though they were full of shit like Maximum Rock'n'Roll or Profane Existance.Full of ads selling shit you don't want or need.Anyway I'm digressing here more on that later...

These blogs allow the individual to post something when and practically wherever you are and that's the spirit of this here venture.

The musical and cultural landscape has changed a lot since I last donned the gloves in the 'hardcore' ring for Xclaim! during those halycon days of the mid to late 90s youth crew 'revival' scene.So much it's almost unrecognisable to myself.

signing off for now:

The Reverend Craig 'sonic' Edge

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