06 December 2008

Please remove ....

Whoever wrote and requested the NC Wolfpack deemo download be removed you can just FUCK RIGHT OFF!
Either you are dumb or just completely fucking stupid.

"you do not have the right to offer this copyrighted work for download"

Fuck you idiot...


05 December 2008

Rain On The Parade

"if slogans are required call us rain on the parade,remember us as the ones who boycott the charade" - Half Off

Out of all the late 90's youth crew explosion bands Rain On The Parade always seemed just that little to the left of it all while still being at ground zero and upping the kill count.Always wity and with plenty of right on the money observations such as "guest list" from the Full Speed Ahead 7" .Totally against any form of metal "3 chords" from the Body Bag 7".The guitarist played a Mosrite.Never seen such a cool guitar in any hardcore band ever (besides Al SSD's SG) and like Johnny Ramone said they do have a very unique sound.(Mosrites that is ... I don't think he ever heard ROTP).Not adverse to the 20 second thrashathon track, giving the middle finger to the scene kids.Personal reflection ... eating crow (how identifyable).2 Great 7"s though.Track em down if you can.

Possibly one of the greatest lines in any hardcore song ever:


Ronny Little also put pen to paper in the form of Penalty Box fanzine.A neat little A5 sized number with plenty of ATTITUDE.

Download #1 in pdf form here ...

03 December 2008

Urban Mayhem pt 2

Just for completist and archival purposes one of the reason's it sounds so shit is this was the source tape:

If we had digital cameras and minidisc recorders back then I'd say there'd be a hell of a lot more documentation around on those days.

02 December 2008

Urban Mayhem

The first time I met Scotty was outside the Feedback on King st Newtown arguing about who was better Slapshot or Negative FX.I always said Slapshot.And I will still say Slapshot to this very day.This was all around summer '98 they played a few shows , shared a room together at Club 111 , travelled to Newcastle and Melbourne with us a lot.
On one particular trip to Newcastle when they were playing at the Black Box I slipped a tape to the soundman and said hey hit record on these guys.And that recording ended up as this 7". Jay put it out ... not cause it was the most fantastic music or recording ever but cause they're mates.And that was .... and wish it still is ... the reason great records and bands are made.FUN. Not fucking myspace or eye makeup or your sisters jeans or record deals  

Urban Mayhem 7" Snapshot records

Clear 'vinyl' (really shitty polycarbonite) 50 only (maybe 25...)

House party @ Club 111 (Elbow Deep,AVO,Urban Mayhem)

Circle pit at Club 111

Cozzy Mayhem on the drums

Insert from the Urban Mayhem 7"

The 7" was recorded live from the mixing desk at the Black Box in Newcastle.

Download the source tape here

It's noisy but hey what are ya gonna do?

28 November 2008

we're an American band ....

When news filtered down here that Agnostic Front had gotten back together and playing nothing but Victim In Pain / United Blood era stuff never in our wildest imaginations could we fathom seeing them 4,5 times in 4 days.But they did come and we did see them.They played Sydney at the Annandale on the Friday & Saturday night then played twice on Sunday in Newcastle.An 'All Ages' show in the afternoon then and over 18's at night time.This was at a place called "The Pit" which was actually the concrete loading dock of the rehearsal studios upstairs.There's a good video of this show floating around I'll try and get to flash and upload some of it.There was also a Canberra show on the Tuesday when some nazi type guys were seig heiling then swiftly forcibly made to leave the venue.Video exists of this show too.

I'm sure they went to Melbourne too where everyone could stand around and watch them playwhile  nodding their heads.FUN.

Here's a scan of the set list from the night time Newcastle show for posterity.

While I shall be trying to catch one of the shows on the upcoming Gorilla Biscuits tour it doesn't hold the same excitement as the AF tour.Besides .... I seen Civ years ago , wasn't the best , but they did New Direction at the end.Did a lengthy Civ and Sammy interview after that that I wish I still had ... oh well.

25 November 2008

NCxHC the salad days ...

We we're the brainchild of 2 20 something hardcore kids.1 who'd just got a drumkit and 1 who wanted to play around with a 4 track.From memory this conversation was happening on a wednesday and by Friday lunchtime we had 1 cheap $2 microphone taped to a chair above the drumkit and another cheap microphone hung in front of the Torque 50w 1x12" combo guitar amp driven by a Boss DS-1 and Gibson SG.The drums sounded horrible like pots and pans ... not only on the recording but live too but that's exactly how we wanted it .... and didn't have a choice anyway.The bass was played through the amp or straight into the 4 track I can't remember but of course it sounded horrible.It was some cheap Fender Jazz bass copy and sounded like wet cardboard.The Spirit Bass it became known as.A hangover from Luke Crew's days as Xclaim! 'bassist'.The vocal booth was basically crouched under an old mattress in an attempt to be able to scream and not have the neighbours ring the cops sensing bloody murder was taking place.It was an ingenius idea that did absolutely nothing.I just thought it was funny making someone as uncomfortable as possible while recording vocals.... that was until I got under there.You'll find 99% of these vocals to be first takes.
I'd had enough by now and returned home hooked it up to a stereo and proceeded to "mix" it down to a normal casette to run off dub's.I think we did 25 of this one.All hand numbered on TDK D60 tapes.Anything else was an unofficial dub/bootleg/fan club release so don't pay too much for it.
The response from people we knew was somewhat positive.The response from people who didn't get it well fuck them anyway.
For some reason unknown to us talk began to reach the point of a live performance.Obviously this 2 man wrecking machine would have to be expanded into a 4 peice.Luke Crew decided to publicly cement he's reputation that he cannot do anything in a band besides sing by adopting the drummers position.I of course was well documented for my inability to sing for bands so i stayed put on the guitar slot.Chippa Youth from Disengage was recruited/told by us that he was singing.Luke Crew drafted some young prodigy of he's in to assume bass duties and we were off practicing in Luke Crews house while adding 1 additional original track penned by Chippa Youth and a splattering of cover songs.What next?Another deemo.This time we booked a couple of hours time at Arc Up studios in Mayfield whereby we recorded again on the same trusty 4 track but using this opportunity to use some battered old Shure mics to replace the $2 ones we'd broken before.
This had a much wider release by way maybe 50 copies on whatever we could get our hands on and also included a lyric sheet to sing along with.

The idea was for something along the lines of the early D.C hard
All totalled there was 5 shows 1 riot and 1 live auction.
The famed local all ages hardcore hotspot of the Black Box in Hamilton was the site of our first and last performance.It was loose,scrat

chy and "a bit fucking rough" according to Jay Snapshot.
Show #3 was moved to a loft somewhere on Hunter st after the Black Box show wa

s canceled for some reason.I remember this for the hardcore kids sitting on the couch in front of the stage and telling these scumbag crustys to fuck off.Next someone refered to as DJ Sean came in swinging a chain during our set and Luke Crew was attempting to calm everything from behind the drumkit and I was attempting to calm everything by swinging my guitar at the fuckhead closest to me.Someone grabbed it mid air and foiled that plan.We played the rest of our set till someone pulled the plug during Nightstalker when kids were just literaly smashing anything/anyone.Great show happy 25th birthday craig edge.
The last time we ever played was at the Black Box in Newcastle at one of the Hardcore Superbowls.Everyone was there.perfect opportunit

y for some fun.During the day I secured a copy of The Angels LP for $1 from Rice's bookshop.I then proceeded to xerox the front,back and labels from SSDecontrols "kids will have their say" LP and glue them over the Angels record.Labels too.Then bag it.It looked legit.So during the set before we played "reco

rd collectors fucking rule" I halt proceedings and say hey we're having an impromptu record auction and as I take it out of the sleeve the vinyl falls out and Jay yells out "worthless now... smash it" so i smashed it over my knee and 

a few kids screamed (one like an utter girl) and threw the peices into the crowd as we rip into it and kids are fighting over it.All was good till someone decided to examine a peice of the smashed record that revelaved an alternate label underneath.Haha GOTCHA!
For what it was and how we did it when we did it and why we did it somehow it came out ok and I had a lot of fun doing it.More so than any other band I've ever been in before or since 10 years later.After hearing some kids in Right Idea even asked me to record their demo.I did .. still have the original 'reels' from it too.
The insert we kinda copied off Poison Idea 'record colle

ctor's are pretencious assholes' LP with all these records layed out.we had so many it took 4 photos.I remember someone not wanting the 1st Motorhead LP in the picture but fuck it I slipped it in anyway .. besides it was on the Poison Idea record so why not?There was a line in 'record collectors rule' I wrote "3 copies of Kids Will Have Their Say" cause between me and Luke we had 3 copies of it.
The cover on the first deemo was inspired by the back of the Project X 7".The old Islington Bowling Club where amongst the hookers and drug addicts many a plan for bands and zines and other assorted projects were hatched and some of the best shows in Newcastle punk rock history were held there before it got levelled and bulldozed to the ground and so began the days of the Black Box all ages shows.This was a bit of a changing point really.The people who owned the bowling club let us have show's there and basically run wild as long as we stayed off the lawn bowls greens and they sold plenty of cheap beer.It was also in kind of a bad part of town.Slap bang at one end of the red light district

 actually.When things moved on to the Black Box it started to clean up a lot.Instead of a handful of kids who were straight there was literally an explosion of hooded sweatshirts and dogpiles now but very clean cut.Very Americanised in a way.Bills were no longer as mixed as they used to be.Hell if you remember Arms Reach their first show was with Pitbull Attack , Xclaim! & Nasenbluten a hardcore techno outfit.There was also a committee of tagged along with the Black Box and well ... yeah it just didn't have the same vibe now looking back.
A time we'll remember

Download the entire 8 track demo here : Record Collectors Fucking Rule

19 November 2008


Here's an old hand cut and screened patch from the old Talk Is Cheap zine days.If memory serves there was maybe no more than 10 of these made..... actually more like 5 I think.They were blue ink on really thin white cloth.
These were sewn on as well.Often to flight jackets.Pinning patches on ... I always felt that defeated the purposes or you were just too shit and unco-ordinated to manouver a needle and thread.

Yep ... Schism cover fists.

17 November 2008

Words Carved Into My Head #1

An entire zine dedicated to 90s SXE Hardcore resurrectors Mouthpiece.Pretty good read and with their upcoming discography release on Revelation Records time for some history and a trip down memory lane.

Download the entire issue as a PDF here

all mod cons ...

Paper zines are dead? Well this one certainly has been since 1999.So given that I've decided somewhat to kick it off again in the modern age.
Back when I was doing it there was always the case of get a really good (or bad) idea for something like an article or an interview or a column or get sent a cool photo whatever it was the spark was there then it was time for some scissors and glue action.Page done looks great but you always had to put it aside until you had another 10 or 20 pages done ... enough for a decent sized zine.Always seemed like kids wanted big thick 300 page zines even though they were full of shit like Maximum Rock'n'Roll or Profane Existance.Full of ads selling shit you don't want or need.Anyway I'm digressing here more on that later...

These blogs allow the individual to post something when and practically wherever you are and that's the spirit of this here venture.

The musical and cultural landscape has changed a lot since I last donned the gloves in the 'hardcore' ring for Xclaim! during those halycon days of the mid to late 90s youth crew 'revival' scene.So much it's almost unrecognisable to myself.

signing off for now:

The Reverend Craig 'sonic' Edge